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Recommended CD-based hi-fi system for £1000

Do you want to buy a complete hi-fi system with a CD player and have around £1000 to spend? Well, look no further! I have rounded up some very good quality products that form a great system and are available at a great price right now.

Mission LX-2 bookshelf speaker

Mission LX loudspeaker range

Mission are a very well known British hi-fi company that was founded in 1977. Their products have long been excellent examples of good quality products at a competitive price. At the Sound & Vision Show, Mission were demonstrating their new LX range of speakers. On show was the LX-2 bookshelf speaker, so Dynamic Headroom stopped by and listened in.

Acoustic Energy AE1 active loudspeaker

Acoustic Energy AE1 active loudspeaker

Acoustic Energy were established in 1987 and are a well know British hi-fi company specialising in loudspeakers. Based in the Cotswolds, Acoustic Energy began life focussing on the professional audio market. They have a wide range of loudspeaker products starting from the Reference down to the Aego compacts. At the Sound & Vision Show in Bristol, Acoustic Energy showed their latest product: the AE1 Active.

Canton speakers

Canton Loudspeakers

Canton are a German hi-fi company who were established in 1973. Over the years they have produced a wide range of speakers from large floor standers to soundbars. The Canton representative was a very cheery chap who had speakers hooked up to a Denon amplifier and CD player. Dynamic Headroom took a seat near the front and sat down for a listen...

Ophidian Audio

Ophidian Audio

Here at Dynamic Headroom we are all about discovering cool new hi-fi brands and products. Ophidian Audio is a name that many of the visitors to the Sound & Vision Show had not heard of before, myself included. Ophidian will be a well known brand judging by their performance in Bristol.

Dynaudio Contour 20

Dynaudio Speakers Room

Dynaudio were present at Sound & Vision in Bristol with a dimly lit room showcasing their latest speakers designs. A large black & white mural of David Bowie adorned the front wall, flanked either side by by a pair of Dynaudio Contour 60. I find it interesting to see what other manufacturers a hi-fi brand uses to demo its own products. In this case, Dynaudio were using Naim electronics, a very good match indeed.

IPL S2TLK Review

IPL S2TLK Review

Here I give my verdict on a pair of floor standing speakers from IPL Acoustics - the S2TLK.