Naim Power-Line mains cable review

Here is my review of Naim's Power-Line mains cable. Not everyone is convinced about the effects and benefits of a high-end mains cable. Read on to get my take on this example.

Strictly Vinyl

Strictly Vinyl at KJ West One London

Dynamic Headroom paid a visit to the fantastic KJ West One high-end hi-fi shop in London for their "Strictly Vinyl" event. This was an informal gathering of hi-fi and music lovers who came to listen to a talk by Touraj Moghaddam from Vertere Acoustics and Miles Showell from Abbey Road Studios. The evening focussed on the vinyl record format by highlighting the production process, the benefits over digital and mastering.

New Naim Uniti Range

New Naim Uniti Range Report

Naim ran a closed-door demo of their new Uniti range, co-hosted by their partner Focal. Jason Gould from Naim introduced the range from top to bottom: Uniti Nova, Uniti Star, Uniti Atom and Uniti Core. On show was a Uniti Nova hooked up to a pair of £10,000 Focal Sopra No.2 floor standing speakers.