Strictly Vinyl

Strictly Vinyl at KJ West One London

Dynamic Headroom paid a visit to the fantastic KJ West One high-end hi-fi shop in London for their "Strictly Vinyl" event. This was an informal gathering of hi-fi and music lovers who came to listen to a talk by Touraj Moghaddam from Vertere Acoustics and Miles Showell from Abbey Road Studios. The evening focussed on the vinyl record format by highlighting the production process, the benefits over digital and mastering.

Spendor A4

Spendors New A-Line Speaker Range

Spendor were at the Sound & Vision Show 2017 demonstrating their new A-Line speaker range. Founded in the 1960s, Spendor design and build their loudspeakers in Halisham, Sussex in the UK. Rather than buy in ready-made drivers for their products, Spendor build their own drive units. This is one of the reasons for their distinctive design and approach to music reproduction. Dynamic Headroom stopped by the Spendor room for a quick listen to the Spendor A4.

Markaudio SOTA

Markaudio SOTA Acoustics

Here we have a hi-fi company that does things differently. The products that Markaudio SOTA make do not follow convention as you can see from the photographs. Dynamic Headroom visited the Markaudio SOTA room at the Sound & Vision Show to learn more about this unique company.

Hegel Röst

Hegel and Amphion – Scandinavian Superstars

Norwegian hi-fi company Hegel were present at the Sound & Vision Show in Bristol demonstrating their "all-in-one", the Röst (I believe it was pronounced "rust"). This was a busy room with a lot of interest and questions coming from the guests. Standing room only for Dynamic Headroom this time around...

Mission LX-2 bookshelf speaker

Mission LX loudspeaker range

Mission are a very well known British hi-fi company that was founded in 1977. Their products have long been excellent examples of good quality products at a competitive price. At the Sound & Vision Show, Mission were demonstrating their new LX range of speakers. On show was the LX-2 bookshelf speaker, so Dynamic Headroom stopped by and listened in.

Acoustic Energy AE1 active loudspeaker

Acoustic Energy AE1 active loudspeaker

Acoustic Energy were established in 1987 and are a well know British hi-fi company specialising in loudspeakers. Based in the Cotswolds, Acoustic Energy began life focussing on the professional audio market. They have a wide range of loudspeaker products starting from the Reference down to the Aego compacts. At the Sound & Vision Show in Bristol, Acoustic Energy showed their latest product: the AE1 Active.


Roksan sounds better than ever

Roksan are another great British hi-fi brand who have earned themselves a good reputation by creating products that combine quality and value. Monitor Audio recently acquired Roksan and so brought together two hi-fi brands that, on paper, look to have a good synergy. Henley Designs distribute Roksan products in the UK.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista & Kef Reference

Two powerhouses of British hi-fi were in tandem here. Musical Fidelity brought their Encore all-in-one, their range of Nu-Vista electronics and paired them up with the Kef Reference 1 speakers. Nordost speaker & interconnect cables with Hi-Fi Racks shelving completed the picture. Here at Dynamic Headroom, this was the first time I had heard the new Kef Reference range so I was looking forward to this one.

Canton speakers

Canton Loudspeakers

Canton are a German hi-fi company who were established in 1973. Over the years they have produced a wide range of speakers from large floor standers to soundbars. The Canton representative was a very cheery chap who had speakers hooked up to a Denon amplifier and CD player. Dynamic Headroom took a seat near the front and sat down for a listen...