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Recommended CD-based hi-fi system for £1000

Do you want to buy a complete hi-fi system with a CD player and have around £1000 to spend? Well, look no further! I have rounded up some very good quality products that form a great system and are available at a great price right now.


Roksan sounds better than ever

Roksan are another great British hi-fi brand who have earned themselves a good reputation by creating products that combine quality and value. Monitor Audio recently acquired Roksan and so brought together two hi-fi brands that, on paper, look to have a good synergy. Henley Designs distribute Roksan products in the UK.

Technics Grand Class System

Technics Grand Class System

Technics are back and they mean business. The relaunched SL1200 series of turntables, for which Technics has become an iconic brand for many, are grabbing all the headlines. Turntables were of course on display at the Sound & Vision Show this year but so were some of the new electronics and speakers from Technics. Dynamic Headroom paid a visit to the Technics room for a listen.

Esoteric High-End Hi-Fi

Esoteric High End Electronics

Now for a taste of true high end hi-fi. Esoteric is a sub-division of the Japanese company, TEAC. The goal of Esoteric is to deliver no compromise high-end hi-fi. This is a no-holds barred approach to music reproduction where the very best engineering and technology combine to provide the best possible sound.

Leema Elements integrated amplifier review

Leema Elements Integrated Amplifier Review

In my quest to find the perfect amplifier with a built in DAC I discovered the Leema Elements. As well as having a DAC (digital to analogue converter), this product also ticks the box of being a quality British hi-manufacturer too. Read on for the Dynamic Headroom Leema Elements integrated amplifier review.