Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista & Kef Reference

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista

Two powerhouses of British hi-fi were in tandem here. Musical Fidelity brought their Encore all-in-one, their range of Nu-Vista electronics and paired them up with the Kef Reference 1 speakers. Nordost speaker & interconnect cables with Hi-Fi Racks shelving completed the picture. Here at Dynamic Headroom, this was the first time I had heard the new Kef Reference range so I was looking forward to this one.

Canton speakers

Canton Loudspeakers

Canton are a German hi-fi company who were established in 1973. Over the years they have produced a wide range of speakers from large floor standers to soundbars. The Canton representative was a very cheery chap who had speakers hooked up to a Denon amplifier and CD player. Dynamic Headroom took a seat near the front and sat down for a listen...

Technics Grand Class System

Technics Grand Class System

Technics are back and they mean business. The relaunched SL1200 series of turntables, for which Technics has become an iconic brand for many, are grabbing all the headlines. Turntables were of course on display at the Sound & Vision Show this year but so were some of the new electronics and speakers from Technics. Dynamic Headroom paid a visit to the Technics room for a listen.

Ophidian Audio

Ophidian Audio

Here at Dynamic Headroom we are all about discovering cool new hi-fi brands and products. Ophidian Audio is a name that many of the visitors to the Sound & Vision Show had not heard of before, myself included. Ophidian will be a well known brand judging by their performance in Bristol.

Esoteric High-End Hi-Fi

Esoteric High End Electronics

Now for a taste of true high end hi-fi. Esoteric is a sub-division of the Japanese company, TEAC. The goal of Esoteric is to deliver no compromise high-end hi-fi. This is a no-holds barred approach to music reproduction where the very best engineering and technology combine to provide the best possible sound.

Dynaudio Contour 20

Dynaudio Speakers Room

Dynaudio were present at Sound & Vision in Bristol with a dimly lit room showcasing their latest speakers designs. A large black & white mural of David Bowie adorned the front wall, flanked either side by by a pair of Dynaudio Contour 60. I find it interesting to see what other manufacturers a hi-fi brand uses to demo its own products. In this case, Dynaudio were using Naim electronics, a very good match indeed.

Ruark Audio

Ruark Audio Exhibition

Of all the stands at the Sound & Vision Show in Bristol, the cosiest and most homely was that of Ruark Audio. Ruark's products are all living room friendly by combining modern technology with chic retro looks and possibly had the highest WAF rating at the entire show. Dynamic Headroom took a look at what Ruark had to offer.