Sasha – Scene Delete Remixes 2 – Review

Sasha Scene Delete Remixes


Here we have the second instalment of remixes from Sasha’s Scene Delete album featuring re-works from Max Cooper, Matthew Dear and Audion.  I am listening to the limited edition 10″ white vinyl, but this release is also available digitally from Late Night Tales.  I have already reviewed Part 1 of the Scene Delete remixes here.

Channel Deq – Max Cooper Remix

Sasha Scene Delete Remixes

Channel Deq was the opening track on Scene Delete and featured a slow looping melancholy synth; as an intro track it works well and sets the scene for the rest of the album.  Max Cooper gives it the remix treatment adding a 4/4 beat, flickering FX and jittery cymbal flecks.

The track remains all on “one level” so to speak, it doesn’t really kick in at any point.  I could see somebody like Sasha playing it early on in their set as the dance floor is filling up but it is nice enough to listen to at home.  Its not a bad track but I have heard a lot better from Max Cooper.

Pontiac – Matthew Dear and Audion Remix

Sasha Scene Delete Remixes

The original Pontiac track was always crying out for the remix treatment; Sasha himself has already put one out, which turned the original trippy synth workout into a pumping peak time club tune.  Here Pontiac gets reshuffled by Matthew Dear and Audion.

The original elements to Pontiac float in and out of the remix, sitting on top of a 4/4 beat and deep pumping sub bass line.  The remix is as dark and twisted as you might come to expect from Dear and Audion.  This is a deep build up track for those wobbly moments in a modern progressive DJ mix.  The production is very nice, I particularly like the rhythmic percussion sounds that give the track its groove.


So another two good, solid but unremarkable remixes from the Scene Delete album.  I was hoping for more from the Max Cooper remix of Channel Deq as he is one of my favourite producers remixing my No.1 favourite producer.  That being said, for fans of Sasha and this sort of progressive techno music (particularly DJs) it is definitely worth seeking out.

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Sasha - Scene Delete Remixes 2
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