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Sasha Scene Delete Remixes


Read on for my review of Sasha’s Scene Delete Remixes #1 which comes in the shape of a limited edition 10″ white vinyl record.  This release is also available as a digital download from Late Night Tales.  The two remixes come from Kiasmos and Rival Consoles, both whom Sasha describe as inspirations for the Scene Delete album.

Vapour Trails – Kiasmos Remix

Sasha Scene Delete Remixes

The original Vapour Trails track from Scene Delete was an all ambient affair which slowly floated away at the tail end of the album.  Kiasmos take the core elements from that beatless track, pitch it up slightly, add a 4/4 beat and some twitchy percussion.

The effect is rather good and makes this track my favourite of all the Scene Delete remixes.  It takes the original and improves on it – which is what a remix should do.  It means that the ethereal pads of Vapour Trails can now be heard in a DJ mix or club context.  The Kiasmos remix is still rather mellow (even with the beats) and sounds like the sort of track that Sasha would play early on in one of his DJ sets,

Cassette Sessions E – Rival Consoles Remix

The original mix of Cassette Sessions E was a dubby, trippy track with a melancholy synth hook that unfolded itself on top of minimal beats.  A vinyl static effect plays over the top with short vocal stabs.

Rival Consoles take the original elements and beefs it up.  This remix reminds me of earlier James Holden stuff with big powerful wobbly synths, stuttering beats and the kind of sound that would entrance the crowd in a club.  Rival Consoles have improved upon the original for sure – many of the tracks on Scene Delete are like half-finished ideas – whereas this is more like the finished article.


Sasha Scene Delete Remixes

I am a self confessed Sasha fanboy, have been for at least 20 years (!) so I always snap up every release that comes out.  In that sense I am a collector, chances are that you are too if you are reading this.  These are solid tracks which are worth having, but are nothing exceptional, which add to the collection.  They provide a new take to Scene Delete which, if you like that sort of thing, will appeal to you too.

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Sasha - Scene Delete Remixes 1
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