Nina Kraviz – Fabric 91 Review

Fabric 91 - Nina Kraviz


I think it is safe to say that the clubbing world rejoiced when fabric reopened its doors recently.  Fingers crossed that they have no more issues because it really is a great bastion of underground club culture.  What better way to celebrate than with release number 91 of the fabric DJ mix series with Nina Kraviz?  Here is my Nina Kraviz Fabric 91 review.

Nina Kraviz

Fabric 91 - Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz was born in Siberia, Russia and began her music career in 2008 DJing at the Propaganda Club in Moscow.  In 2014 she started her own record label, Trip and has previous DJ mix releases for DJ Kicks.  She has also featured on the Boiler Room DJ video show.

Fabric 91

This release from Kraviz for fabric sees her mix 41 tracks over the course of a single CD.  I’m suspicious when there are so many tracks as it think the tracks can’t be that good if they are not worth playing for longer.  Its hard to call out individual tracks as they fly by so quickly, so I try to focus on the mix as a whole.

Fabric 91 - Nina Kraviz

Many of the tracks are dirty, scrunchy, acid techno.  There are some very short tracks that are nothing more than a vocal snippet or random FX noise.  Others are trippy, floaty and mellow.  Kraviz’ mixing style is a little bit rough and ready; it feels raw and live unlike most DJ mixes that are too perfect to be true.

There is a good sequence of tracks starting with Kraviz’ own production “You Are Wrong’ morphing into Torul V “Denwer”, then Kraviz again with “Pochuvsvui” finally into Mike Henk with “Dox-003 Untitled B1”.  It is a good sign of a DJ’s prowess that they can wield together multiple tracks over a short space of time but still produce something which is more than the some of it’s parts.

There is a decent progression to the mix; as the tracks come and go, they become heavier, tougher and more relentless.  Acid stabs give way to pounding 4/4 beats followed by rapid syncopated hi hats.  This keeps you hooked on the mix and I imagine Nina would be very effective in fabric itself (sadly I haven’t had the pleasure).

Techno journey

Kraviz brings her fabric mix to a close with The Detroit Escalator Company providing a momentary wind down to an otherwise frenetic arrangement before AFX’ “Fork Rave” once again goes for the jugular.  Hats off to Nina Kraviz for being bold and trying hard to put together a short mix that takes in so many tracks.  It just about works – at first I was hoping she would just let a few tracks play, but in by the end I did really enjoy it.

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Nina Kraviz - Fabric 91
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