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Bedrock 18


This post is a music review for the latest compilation from the Bedrock record label: Bedrock 18 – Signals.

Bedrock Records is 18

Bedrock Records was established in 1999 by John Digweed and Nick Muir who at the time also released music under the Bedrock moniker.  More recently, Digweed and Muir have started using their own names on their music releases.  This release, Bedrock 18 – Signals, celebrates 18 years of the record label.

The release contains 3 CDs; the first 2 discs contain unmixed singles while the 3rd disc is an album entitled Echoes from an artist called C-Jay.  The compilation comes in a nice cardboard box, very well presented with a little book of imagery associated with the release.

Listening to Signals

If you have ever heard John Digweed DJ or you have heard any other Bedrock release then you know what to expect.  There are 21 club tracks spread over the first two discs which are the typical progressive house / techno style that John plays in his DJ sets.  There are two remixes of “Fanfare” by Digweed, Muir and Darren Emerson – the original (and best) versions are missing from here though, you will have to buy those separately.

As much as I love electronic music, I find it hard to sit through full versions of club tracks.  As is normal for dance music, there is an intro and outro section to each track which allows DJs to mix it easily.  It is quite boring to sit through these bits so I usually scan forward and miss the first bit.  The alternative to this is to mix the tracks yourself into a DJ mix – which is exactly what I did!  These are DJ friendly formats so maybe that is the point.

C-Jay’s Echoes

So the first two discs are good but pretty much what you expect.  The third CD is where Bedrock 18 really shines: this is an album of 7 tracks by an artist called C-Jay.  This is what you might call a chill-out or comedown album.  Its a spacey ambient affair which is really rather good: its the kind of album that you can just zone out to for an hour so.  Works great on headphones as much as on a hi-fi.

It reminds a bit of the music from 80s fest, Stranger Things.  I would be happy to buy this on its own, even without the first 2 CDs.


This is one of the best Bedrock releases that they have done, helped no end by the inclusion of C-Jay’s Echoes album.  You’ve got tracks to DJ and dance with, plus a CD to chill out to afterwards and all at a fair price of £9 or so.  You can’t say fairer than that.

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