Best way to upgrade a Technics SL1210 (2)

With my Technics SL1210 now running at a more respectable level, following the upgrade to an Audio Technica AT-95E, I naturally looked at other ways to upgrade.  You can go to town on the Technics SL1200/1210 by swapping out power supplies, tonearms and even the bearings.  This is far too scary for me as even basic soldering is beyond my skills.

Turntable isolation

A turntable is very susceptible to external vibration; if you think about it, the mechanism for extracting music from the grooves of a record is all about tiny vibrations.  If the stylus picks up any additional vibrations from external sources then that is relayed through your speakers as sound.  This can lead to bass thumps, muddy sound or even cause the needle to jump and scratch your vinyl.

To reduce the effects of external vibration on a turntable we need to look at isolation.

Turntable feet

The first place to start is with the feet on the turntable themselves.  Technics SL1200/1210 come with chunky feet as standard which do an OK job of isolation but are not effective enough for an “audiophile” setup.

There are a number of options one can take at this point.  The Technics feet can be replaced completely with third party alternatives.


Alternatively, and far more easily, you can give your Technics a new pair of shoes!  Enter the Techniboots.

The Techniboot is a large “shoe” made of a rubbery material which fits over the standard Technics feet.  Installation takes seconds and the results are instant.

The difference between a Technics with and without the Techniboots is immediately obvious.  Your music will sound more sophisticated; detail levels increase; sound staging improves and bass notes are clearer.  The turntable becomes noticeably more resilient towards external vibrations – no need to tip toe around the room or keeping the volume down!

The Techniboots can be had for just £40 from Mains Cables R Us (MCRU) in the UK.  Even if you use the Technics to DJ with I would still recommend the Techniboots.  Another bargain audiophile upgrade for the trusty Technics SL1210!

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Best way to upgrade a Technics SL1210 (2)

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