Partington Super Dreadnought Speaker Stands


Critical to stand mount speakers are the stands themselves.  Here is the Dynamic Headroom review of the Partington Super Dreadnought.

Super Stands for Super Speakers

If you are using bookshelf / stand mount speakers it is critical to place them on good stands.  Never place speakers on a shelf / table or anything like that – you are killing the performance of your hi-fi system by doing this.  Always go for stands; cheap stands are better than no stands at all.

A good quality stand will be heavy and solid so that it does not wobble, sway or vibrate at all.  Without these characteristics you will lose sound quality – bass & imaging will all be affected.  Why?  Think about the bass driver on the speaker: it has to move backwards and forwards very quickly to make sound.  If the speaker is on a wobbly stand then the movement of the cone causes the stand to move in the opposite direction slightly.  This removes energy from the bass driver thereby affecting bass and imaging.

Partington Super Dreadnought

Partington Super Dreadnought speaker stands

The Partington Super Dreadnought is one of the best stands you can buy (retailing around the £200 mark).  They are solid and heavy, not a wobble in sight.  The platform on the top of the stands struck me as a little small when I first saw them.  However my Kef LS50s fit on no problem.  I did add some small pieces of blu-tak to help stick the speakers down (I have little people running around my house and was paranoid about the speakers getting knocked off).

Partington Super Dreadnought speaker stands

On the bottom of the stands are four large spikes, one in each corner.  The spikes are used when the stands are placed onto carpet.  You should push down the stands to punch through the carpet; this will help grip the floor better and aids stability.

Also on the bottom is a removable cap, into which you can add some sand.  This is used to add further weight to the speakers.  I did this but didn’t notice any effects on the sound.  It does make the stands heavier, so it is still worth doing.

In Use

Partington Super Dreadnought speaker stands

Before I had these stands, my Kef LS50s were sitting on a TV / AV cabinet.  The cabinet acted like an echo chamber with bass frequencies and really detracted from what I was hearing.  Once I moved the speakers to these stands the sound came alive.

What good stands do is allow the speaker to perform at its best.  You don’t want to be in a position where you have spent hundreds of pounds / dollars / euros on good speakers to then go and ruin it by placing them on crap stands.

The Partington Super Dreadnought will let your speakers sing.  They can bring life to a system that was previously hampered by poor placement of the speakers.


Your first impression may be that £200 is a lot of money for speaker stands and to an extent you are correct.  However let me reassure you that the Super Dreadnoughts are excellent quality.  Consider them an investment: you may swap speakers around, but you can keep these forever.  Get the very best from your hi-fi by adding these to your system.

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Partington Super Dreadnought speaker stands
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  1. These are a must for imagery improvement, and solid bass performance
    60cms is the required height in general for the imagery. Unusual bullet proof build and appearance has grown on me . Great for my Epos 12.2 speakers

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