Spendors New A-Line Speaker Range

Spendor A4

Spendor were at the Sound & Vision Show 2017 demonstrating their new A-Line speaker range.  Founded in the 1960s, Spendor design and build their loudspeakers in Halisham, Sussex in the UK.  Rather than buy in ready-made drivers for their products, Spendor build their own drive units.  This is one of the reasons for their distinctive design and approach to music reproduction.  Dynamic Headroom stopped by the Spendor room for a quick listen to the Spendor A4.

Spendor A4

The new A-Line from Spendor comprises the £1100 A1 standmounter, £1600 A2 floorstander and the £2200 A4 floorstander.  All three borrow trickle-down technology from the higher-end D7 and D9 speakers.  When I stopped by, the Spendor A4 were in use.  The A4s were connected to the new Rega Brio (£600) and an Auralic Aries Mini network player / DAC (£450).

Spendor A4

The A4 is the larger of the three new models, but it is small compared to floorstanding speakers from other brands.  Spendor have a history of producing compact floorstanders and the new models are no different.  Despite their size, the A4 had no trouble filling the room they were in.  As I stood there feeling impressed, I heard other people enter the room exclaiming “wow!”.

With this range, Spendor are aiming to bring high-end performance to those with lower budgets.  Here at Dynamic Headroom, we are all for that.

The design of the Spendors means they fit more easily into the average living space.  Small in dimensions with simple yet clean lines, these are not speakers that seek to dominate the living room.  Three finishes are available to compliment your home: black ash, natural oak and dark walnut.

The Rega / Spendor / Auralic combination worked very well indeed.  Elsewhere at the Sound & Vision Show, the Spendor D7s were connected to an Auralic network player / amplifier (not sure of the model).

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