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Ruark Audio

Welcome to Ruark’s living room

Of all the stands at the Sound & Vision Show in Bristol, the cosiest and most homely was that of Ruark Audio.  Ruark’s products are all living room friendly by combining modern technology with chic retro looks and possibly had the highest WAF rating at the entire show.  Dynamic Headroom took a look at what Ruark had to offer.

Ruark MR1 Bluetooth Speaker System

Ruark Audio MR1 Bluetooth Speakers

The Ruark MR1 Bluetooth speakers were hooked up to a Rega P2 turntable (via a hidden phono stage).  The MR1 has as built in apt-X Bluetooth, 3.5mm line level input, optical digital audio input and a subwoofer out.  A hidden REL subwoofer was attached to the subwoofer out, but actually was turned off most of the time.   The MR1s produced a really nice sound with ample bass for their size.  Placing them on the same surface as a turntable is probably not a good idea unless you use plenty of isolation.

Ruark Audio MR1 Bluetooth Speakers

What Ruark were demonstrating was how the MR1 can make up a sophisticated sound system for your home.  Your TV could connect to the optical inputs leaving the analouge input for something like a turntable.  Add in Bluetooth and you’ve got a nice little hi-fi there.  Although dinky in proportion, the MR1 made a satisfying sound.  The MR1 is available now for 

Ruark Audio R7 radiogram

Ruark Audio R7 radiogram

The R7 is super stylish in the extreme.  Modelled after an old fashion radiogram style hi-fi (my parents had one of these) the R7 would be at home in any modern, well styled home.  The R7 has DAB, DAB+, FM radio, apt-X Bluetooth, internet radio, wifi, DLNA streaming, CD player, optical digtial input and analogue inputs.  Wow that is a lot of stuff!

Even with all the tech on offer, the R7 doesn’t show it off.  Preferring instead to say “look at me, I’m gorgeous!”  Colour options are soft white and rich walnut.

Ruark Audio R4, R2 & R1

Completing the lineup are three small music systems (starting from largest) the R4, R2 and R1.  All three feature DAB, DAB+, FM and Bluetooth.  The R4 includes a CD player, optical digital input and headphone socket while the R2 comes with Spotify Connect and internet radio.  The baby of the group, the R1 has an optional battery pack available making it more portable than the rest.

Ruark Audio R4 music system

Ruark Audio R2 streaming system

Ruark R1 portable speaker


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