Ophidian Audio

Ophidian Audio

Here at Dynamic Headroom we are all about discovering cool new hi-fi brands and products.  Ophidian Audio is a name that many of the visitors to the Sound & Vision Show had not heard of before, myself included.  Ophidian will be a well known brand judging by their performance in Bristol.

Built in Sheffield, their speakers use high quality components and employ a clever cabinet design.  Each model is voiced through extensive listening sessions rather than by being modelled in a computer.

Ophidian Mambo speakers

Ophidian Audio Mambo

The Mambo (£1800) is a really dinky little floor-standing speaker, looking like it has been zapped with a shrink ray. It is a slim, three way design with seven (yes 7) drivers which promise to deliver a big sound in a small room. The facia of the Mambo is all drivers, hats off to Ophidian for cramming so much in!

Ophidian Audio Mambo

Four 9cm dedicated bass drivers vent through the rear of the Mambo using AEROFLEX technology.  Two 9cm dedicated mid range units operate in a sealed enclosure.  Finally, a single 27mm neodymium tweeter with a Sonolex coated fabric diaphragm takes care of high frequencies.

Ophidian Audio Mambo

Listening to the Mambo

The Mambos were connected up to Exposure electronics for demo purposes.  As this was a hi-fi show rather than a proper review, I can only give my early and initial impressions.  What I heard was really good!  The representatives from Ophidian were playing music from Massive Attack and Leftfield to demonstrate how good these speakers can sound with loud, bass-heavy music.  For something so small, it really was impressive!

The look of surprise and joy on the visitors faces was good to see.  People just couldn’t believe how good they sounded for something so small.  The nature of their size means they won’t fill a large space adequately, but most of us have less than ideal listening rooms anyway.  Where space is at a premium but quality is required, you should give the Ophidian range a listen asap.

They get even smaller!

Ophidian Audio Mojo

The Mojo follows the Mambo in the product hierarchy, pictured above, and is only 26cm high!  On the Mojo are a pair of 9cm mid-bass drivers and a single 27mm tweeter.

Ophidian Audio Minimo

The baby of the range is which is a mere 18cm tall!  It looks to small to be real and is super cute.  I imagine that the Mojo and Minimo would work well in small rooms, as desktop speakers or possibly in a surround system.


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