Hegel and Amphion – Scandinavian Superstars

Hegel Röst

Norwegian hi-fi company Hegel were present at the Sound & Vision Show in Bristol demonstrating their “all-in-one”, the Röst (I believe it was pronounced “rust”).  This was a busy room with a lot of interest and questions coming from the guests.  Standing room only for Dynamic Headroom this time around…

Hegel Röst & Amphion Argon 7LS

Hegel’s Röst combines lots of features into one box.  It effectively contains a power amplifier, preamplifier, network player and DAC.  “Röst” means “voice” in Norwegian and it is said that this product is the voice of Hegel.

Hegel Rost

It comes in 1 colour, white, which looks really nice and is an attractive fit into the surroundings of your home.  The Röst includes Hegel’s SoundEngine amplifier technology to produce a deep and powerful sound.  From what I heard at the Sound & Vision Show this is certainly accurate.

Power output is a healthy 75W into 8 ohms and has 5 digital plus 3 analogue inputs.  The unit sits on three large feet to aid stability.

Stealing the show

Amphion Argon7LS

The choice of Amphion speakers to demonstrate the Röst may have backfired slightly for Hegel.  Remember this is the Hegel room, with speakers chosen to show off the abilities of the all-in-one.  There was a lot of interest in the room for the speakers themselves as many people had not heard of Amphion before.  Visitors asked how much did the Amphion speakers cost?  Where do the speakers come from?  Why did Hegel choose Amphion instead of Kef (as they did the year before)?  And so on…

The Hegel representative answered the questions and did his best to point out that the one of the reasons the speakers sound so good is because of the quality amplification in use.  Which is a fair point – speakers and amplifiers have a symbiotic relationship.

Amphion Argon7LS

Amphion come from Finland and produce a range of domestic speakers and professional studio monitors.  The speakers on show are the Argon7LS, 2-way floor standing speakers that use rear mounted passive radiators instead of bass reflex ports.  Amphion use a different approach to crossover design that most other speaker manufacturers use.  The crossover point is set to 1.6kHz, normally it is around 3kHz, meaning distortion is reduced where human hearing is most sensitive.  This provides a clearer, purer sound to the listener.

The titanium tweeter has a large wave guide surround which provides incredible dispersion of sound, thereby giving a large sound stage.  A pair of 6.5 inch aluminium mid-bass drivers provide the lower frequencies.  When you buy the Argon7LS you have a wide variety of finishes to choose from.  The case itself comes in white, black or walnut finishes but you then have the choice of colours for the driver covers.  Well done to Amphion for doing something that no other brand does!

Amphion Argon7LS colours
Colour options shown on the Argon3S

Match made in heaven

The Hegel/Amphion duo makes a very good match.  The sound that was played in the room was very well received by the visitors, myself included.  Hegel products typically produce a rich, deep and powerful sound and can drive all speakers with ease.  The Hegel Röst is a versatile and high quality product that can form the core of a high-end hi-fi system.  Discovering the Amphion speakers was a welcome bonus providing something different from the norm.  I recommend an audition at your dealership if you can.


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  1. I wholeheartedly endorse this article. I too was very impressed by the sounds in the Hegel room. I’d like to audition both products but alas their distribution networks don’t align so I won’t be able to hear them together.

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