Chord Electronics Room

Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics were at the Sound & Vision Show in Bristol showcasing their range of futuristically styled hi-fi components.  Read on for the Dynamic Headroom low-down of this high tech hi-fi room.

Chord Blu, DAVE and Mezzo 75

Chord Electronics Blu DAVE

On show in Bristol was the DAVE DAC (£8500) being fed from a Blu CD transport (£6500).  The DAVE acts as both DAC and preamplifier, passing the analogue signal to the Mezzo 75 power amplifier.  The power amplifier was driving a pair of ATC SCM40 floor standing speakers (£3500).

The Chord and ATC combination was one of the better sounding systems at the show.  ATC need no introduction for their speakers, they are rightly recognised as being one of the very best speakers you can buy.  Chord Electronics are most famous for their DACs, particularly the Hugo and Mojo portables.

Chord Electronics Blu DAVE

The Chord electronics do look amazing and totally unlike any other hi-fi brand.  When you see a Chord system it is instantly recognisable.  Thankfully it is not just about good looks but the sound is equally as enticing.  The Chord and ATC system paint a wonderfully wide and deep picture of sound in front of you.  Realism, details and intricacies all score very high.

Chord Electronics DAVE

Chord CPM 2800 & Red Reference CD Player

On display at the back of the Chord Electronics room was the CPM 2800 Mk II integrated amplifier and the Red Reference Mark III cd player.

Chord Electronics CPM 2800

Chord Electronics Red Reference CD Player





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