Canton Loudspeakers

Canton speakers

Canton are a German hi-fi company who were established in 1973.  Over the years they have produced a wide range of speakers from large floor standers to soundbars.  The Canton representative was a very cheery chap who had speakers hooked up to a Denon amplifier and CD player.  Dynamic Headroom took a seat near the front and sat down for a listen…

Canton Chrono SL 586 DC speakers

Canton Chrono SL 586 DC

The Canton Chrono SL 586 DC are 3-way bass reflex floor standing speakers.  The SL 586 DC has two 16cm bass drivers, one 16cm mid-range driver and a 25mm aluminium tweeter.  Expect to pay around £3000 for a pair.  In the gloss white finish shown above they look very smart.

The Canton representative first played some choir music, recorded somewhere in Scandanavia.  Enthusiastically, he highlighted what we should listen for before he played the music.  He pointed out that the music starts with a soloist, then the rest of the choir join in half way through.  He said, just before the choir begin to sing you will be able to hear them breathe in.  Sure enough you could hear it as clear as day!

Following on from choir music was a track from the new album by Yello.  The Yello track was chosen to show that the Chrono SL 586 DC can handle different music types.  Right he was too.

Denon Electronics

The Canton speakers were powered by a Denon amplifier (PMA-1600NE) and a Denon CD player (DCD-1600NE).  Denon electronics generally have a warm-ish kind of sound which pairs well with the slightly brighter Cantons.

This is a nice system which I enjoyed listening to.  I took notes at the time and simply wrote “*really good*”.  I heard plenty of detail, good rhythm and nice room filling sound.


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