About Dynamic Headroom

Dynamic Headroom is all about hi-fi, electronic music and music technology.  Join me for reviews on my favourite albums along with insights into the best hi-fi your money can buy.  There will be reports from events in the UK so you can find out all about the latest technology.

British Hi-Fi

Dynamic Headroom has an emphasis on British hi-fi, as it is the best in the world and many of these are established brands like Kef, Arcam, Monitor Audio, etc but I also want to uncover some of the lesser known brands.  There are some well kept secrets in hi-fi which should be shared with everyone.

The aim of Dynamic Headroom is to be able to introduce new people to hi-fi.  I want everyone to enjoy great sound.  I believe that once people hear what a good hi-fi can do, they will not look back.  Good sound does not have to be expensive either; great bargains can be had second hand.

How do I make money?

I don’t make any money from Dynamic Headroom. So far it is has only cost me (a little bit of) money – this is a labour of love.  Music has always been my hobby (you could say obsession) so Dynamic Headroom allows me to share my obsession with the world.  I have some links to Amazon products on a few pages, if you happen to buy a product which I recommend then the money will go towards the running costs of this site.